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Glass Poem, 2024
with Tiiu Meiner, read during OOOReading: Building With Words, Nieuwe Instituut, 2024, Rotterdam NL

Earth was late to orbit Sun
(she’s still on pre-history time)
we write ourselves into you, you reading, 
circling, like the hand of a clock
we are your mother clocking center

prism baby, you refract, 
do you still have space for us in your pop-corn brain?
we do not perpetuate Linear Time & Linear Time does not perpetuate us
only moments 
passing through 
this surface 

but time exfoliates and begins again
today we leap 

                            empty / filled      with designed progress
this glass is                                     with daddy’s money  
                            filled / empty        with sweet pink brains

bank account check

the glass, this glass could break any moment with an ambitious knock
so glassy
so glossy
but hide the grass stain, the glass stain 

we are snakes eating ourselves in this glass jar 
            this project ends
but time exfoliates and begins again

& there is water dripping
in our bedroom: room for rent with fountain feature, 
marketing with mouthfuls of black mold
they don’t show this at the Biennale

rain circulates this planet since before mitochondria 
        figured life out 
super fantastic water gymnastic swimming classes
        start at 5pm
in the archives when they flood,
        will I be a good fossil?

clock check
this circle is a clock cult 

put a lid on it put a lid on us 
before we all go bad

        did anyone check the expiration date for this
                compost choreography 
                        corruption site
                                brothy boiling cesspit

in this fridge: tupperwares of air and spit

but begins again time exfoliates and
& so i do & so idea

its hot 
your hot 
my hot
is it hot
all the ice melting between us
back into the sea
earth drama is trending in your area
            deep time make-out session
         you drink a glass of dinosaur spit
                    when we are done
she feels kind of oceanic lately
her tide is late
she is incubating

this air is the biggest collective project we        participate in
breathe into this glass jar canto
— a panting choir

a mist of words becomes a lake over time, 
becomes drained over time, becomes jacuzzi water 
over time
dear guest,
SORRY for the inconvenience
the whirlpool is currently broken 
to save on the energy bill 

slimy, sticky, lubricated memory of this moment



meet us at the hydration station at the networking drinks 
for collaborative incubation think tanking— 
        sincerely sinking
in the sink

a spill, a spell of sorts 

HR says
      breathe in
      breathe out

a scam artist walking 
towards the edge 
looking at us 
processing at us
encrypting us in its memory
NPC— empty
glances, gestures, games, goals


skin-care routine check


        in the dark our throat is not much different from a drain
the drain is blocked

did anyone ask what the plumber dreams about? 
time passes slower if you’re not having fun

everything is waiting just for us
, no rush :)
it ends we end
but time exfoliates and