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The Hour of the Star, 2024
with Tiiu Meiner, performed at the Opening of Dreams of dreams of dreams, Onomatopee, Eindhoven NL
published in DREAMS, Onomatopee, Eindhoven NL 

We have yet to meet another life 
within our universe that dreams, 
makes means from stars 
like us— who do they shine for? 

no gravity, no rest
Floating, shooting 
it is
a matter of metaphor 
free, ungraspable, 
unbearable stream of light

Large and endless
a cosmic question mark

An explosion running away
from a violent and uninhabitable home
it holds itself together in a fist of darkness
aimed at you, in your room

You sleep in loneliness
loneliness is a shooting star

Stargrazer, gazer, close your eyes

Dreams are a world better built for conversing in
the language of a star
and this star came to you like a dream
seeing is believing, and you certainly see
a trace of an old movement, far gone
time, exposed by brightness, seeking refuge 
back in darkness, your pupil, your insides
translate this ancient message 
with instruments, you console, you interstellar cyborg

5 star superior experience

You navigate the city by counting the stars
to follow the star
to consume the star
to yearn for a north star, your guiding light 
under bright night skies
living under the nighttime glow of artificial light
the future is nothing but bright 

For a star in this world
catch a star 
touch a star
in the street 

At an intersection, at a pharmacy, at a coffee place
A star’s fate is determined by being seen 

Everyone thinks so
to the point of it detaching 
under the weight of greatness, 
floating off, increasingly impersonal, 
infinitely less emotional
it’s not you it's me
(thinking is acting and feeling is fact) 
in fact, stars do not feel anything for us

Black star
White star 
Left half black star
Right half black star
Star with left half black 
Star with right half black

Whatever you do, avoid an empty star
it's not a good sign

Stay inside and don’t meet your heroes
  1. Sun avoidance
  2. Sun protection 

we learned this from a certified dermatologists on
our star dust machinery
every hour is now a moment to scroll
time will soon no longer care to present the dance of stars 
you talk through it all to manufactured stars 
satellites about how

The universe is a ruthless place but thankfully 
reality is too enormous to grasp
you are a body of atoms trying to catch its own shadow
your body interrupting sunlight, trying to outrun 
your endings, over-take the sun’s beginnings,
on the pavement you are, like the universe, stuck inside a void

that moves existentially 
an angsty spiral 
a vast cloud of dust and gas
an endless  blare or 
a tear or
or a terror or
or a desperation or
a panting or
to catch a glimpse

Of the hour of the star
when is the hour of the star?
what is the hour of the star?

Night is 
more complicated than day, 
this interval has a tendency for crazy 
where space is an eternal inhale 
and four hours, from 1 to 5 am, 
it hosts old friends:
Chaos, Act-out and Erratic, 
a scheduled existential crisis 
where time goes luna tick tick tick tock 
mostly slept through, but when experienced it is 

Luminous, unattainable and glamorous
so intense, it shatters, fractures into a million billion trillion and more pieces
for us to spend lifetimes to regather, together 
define a passion for the void

Tools to catch a star 

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Loud and crazy
it comes to you
(if you see stars it is advised to take a short break)
it culminates, carrying a wonder within 
a star’s fate is dependent 
on its mass, the abundance of its secret 

Then jerks into a collapse, a fainting, 
an ending a bit more than before
death, slips through the air
an inflamed splinter in the finger of the universe 

It had been
just a little bit too much
in a place that we could reach for
but not follow,
where, all forms, characters 
substance and meaning 
are concentrated into one fateful point: this point 
that is utterly marvelous, stupendous 
and filled with ecstatic necessity 

The world turns to face the protagonist
the sun, your eyes 
split open the chasmic/cosmic divide
you awaken, to your surprise
you are still in the celestial world
your body, made of the same stuff
as the night sky lights, the beginnings of a day, 
start with a dose of freshly made starlight, the sun light 
reaches us on Earth, roughly 8 minutes and 20 seconds old

I wish for you that this strange, sparkling, splendid thing will never fail you, 
whatever it is, that it gives you the strength to live on 
on with your scars, 
with the stars

The title of this poem, 'Hour of the Star Poem,' is inspired by The Hour of the Star by Clarice Lispecter, but this poem is an original work and not affiliated with the book or its copyright holders.